• by Coach Dave Moneypenny

​​This club has been around for nearly 30 years and it has been coached by Coach Dave from day one.  A remarkable number of skaters from this club have climbed to national prominence and world team level.  We have had two world team members, Kristen Santos and Ryan Pivirotto, poised to be on the next Olympic team in 2018. We have had a least a dozen first place National Championships and four Junior World Team members; not to mention hundreds of local and regional medals and championships. It has been fantastic to see skaters that started out in this sport at nine ten years old climb the ladder all the way to the top.

Coach Dave played semi-pro hockey until he was thirty-five and then started speedskating. Over the years, he has won over a hundred regional and national medals including first place National Medals in the 500 and the 777. He has also organized over 50 speedskating camps around the country co-coaching with twelve different Olympians from the US and Canada. Coach Dave has received the Volunteer Coach of the Year 2013 from the US Olympic Committee and US Speedskating. He is known all over the country as a highly technical coach. This gives skaters an edge with a minimal amount of training and ice-time. He has deep understanding of the physics of speedskating and has developed racing techniques that helped put skaters on the podiums for years.

  • Weekly sessions focus on proper skating technique, power and speed
  • Short and Long track training
  • Skaters are divided by age and skill levels

Equipment Requirements: Speed Skates (hockey/figure skates are ok for beginners), Helmet, Gloves (leather or cut resistance, neck guard, long sleeve shirt, long pants (tights/sweatpants), knee pads and elbow pads recommended.

Boots can be rented from the Club if sizes are available.

Connecticut Speedskating Club